I'm Lorraine FAURE, a multi tool product graphic designer, illustrator and design manager. I've been working for LEGO for 9 years, before I decided to follow the freelance road and get back to my home country, France.

I'm honest and direct. Integrity is my cup of tea. I love problem solving : in my creative tasks, but also at a team or company level. It's just my thing. Solving collaboration challenges between teams has been like an enjoyable puzzle for me during my time at The LEGO Group. Bring people around the same table to improve our ways of working together, find solutions, train my colleagues through mentorship, etc...

I can be interested about any task as long as there is something to crack. Once I get motivated, I will dedicate time and energy to solve the challenge.

Before my years in the LEGO Group, I’ve been circus teacher, social worker and toy librarian. Those experiences are part of my multi tool mindset and complete my skill set for sure. You can find my full CV on my Linkedin..